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March 6, 2013 in News

I know I don’t post much as my Job / Life has made this very difficult.
So I’ll try and get more things on here when I can.
The forums are always full of spam I clear out once every 2 month but I’ll be looking at making this site easy again.



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  1. Hey BOingball I’d like to me our Moderator again, I have time to keep the place up to date if you need that?
    I just miss the layout we had in 2006, the x-3dfx Ice Blue theme :) Might be an idea to make our place the way it once was?

    I just grabbed a nice 3dfx Prototype the never produced 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP x4 64MB Rev.A2 3500 :) This weekend I will be testing it and running some game son it, also will make 1080p footage of it inaction, we need new topics we need to get x-3dfx back on it’s feet again. I also miss the forums we once had, there is an idea to manually add new members, that only admins and Mods can do, before they come in here. might be an idea?

    Anyways I am ready to support this place all the way bud.

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